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Three Contractors In Heaven

Three Contractors In Heaven

3 General Contractors from New Jersey - an Armenian guy, a Jewish guy, and an Italian guy - die and are swept up to the Pearly Gates. When they get there, St. Peter comes out to greet them and tells them that they are all going to go in, but that he needs their help first.

"You see, the Pearly Gates are broken and we need them fixed, and since the three of you are Contractors I figured I'd get your estimates and then choose one of you to do the job." He asks the Armenian guy first... 

The Armenian guy inspects the gates, sees what needs to be done, and thinks for a second and says "Well, I can fix it for about $300.00". St. Peter says "Why that price?" The Armenian guy says, "Well, about $200 for parts, and about $100 for labor, which is a little reduced since it's for heaven - yeah, $300.00."

St. Peter moves on to the Jewish guy... The Jewish contractor takes out his cell phone and makes some calls, enters data onto his laptop and crunches some numbers, and comes up with his price - 3,000 dollars! St. Peter exclaims, "$3,000!!! How did you get THAT??" The guy says, "Well, $1500 for parts, and $1500 for labor, all top quality - $3,000." St. Peter shrugs and moves on to the Italian guy.

The Italian guy looks at St. Peter, then looks at the Jewish guy and Armenian guy, then looks at the gates for a while. Then he looks at the Jewish guy, then the Armenian guy, and then taps St. Peter's chest while giving his estimate - "Ay, Two Tousand, Tree Hundred Dollahs." St. Peter is intrigued... "How did you come up with THAT figure???"

At that, the Italian guy leans in and whispers into St. Peter's ear...

"Ay, a Tousand fa' you, a Tousand fa' me, and Tree Hundred to pay the Armenian guy to fix it..."
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